Welcome To Meadowlands School

With Jesus joy in our hearts, we warmly welcome you to the Meadowlands School website. Meadowlands school is the safest place to nurture young curious minds into confident and dependable future leaders. We offer British and Nigerian curriculum and our school is adequately equipped to meet the needs and expectations of our pupils.

We are committed to raising Godly children!!

At Meadowlands School, Christ is the center of everything we do. He is the center of our community, lives, and experience. Our school has a loving, nurturing environment. We reinforce the Christian family values of the home, building wisdom, fostering respect and encouraging good discipline. We take time with each child individually, getting to know them and helping them with their work and as they grow in character.

The last few years though a learning curve have also been very rewarding bringing about the need for proper transitions for our children and the birthing of the secondary arm of the school.

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Active Learning

At Meadowlands School our children are all active learners where they all participate and are deeply involved in their learning processes.

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Creative Lesson

We train our children to be creative thinkers through the robust and creative lesson contents that are professionally delivered by our team.

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Taekwondo Class

This newly introduced class has been buzzing with activities. Our pupils are aware of its importance in self – defense as well as the fitness it gives them.

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After School Activities

Meadowlands School also provides an avenue for our pupils to learn other skills through her After School programs.

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Up Coming Events

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Graduation Ceremony

We celebrate our graduation and 10th year Anniversary. Thank you for your amazing partnership with us over the years.

  • Golden Bird Event Centre, Abuja
  • 1:30PM
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12th July, 2024
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School Resumption

We look forward to an amazing session on resumption!

  • At the school complex
  • 07 AM
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11th Sept, 2024